Course Delivery Options

Course Delivery Options

Our Facilities

Each ILSC campus is centrally located near the cities' centers, near local businesses and public transit options. Our modern, state of the art facilities are fully equipped with numerous classrooms, large flat screen TVs, computers with high quality audio and visual. Each campus also has a student library with various English and foreign language books for students as well as a computer lab.

We Come to You

Is it difficult for you to get away from the office at the end of the day? If so, we have the solution--let us send our trainers to you! Special requests for training on-site at your workplace may be accommodated depending on your location. A supplementary travel fee may apply. Please contact us for more details.


Are you unable to travel to an in-person classroom? Is your staff geographically dispersed? Would you like to reduce your travel costs? If so, ILSC's virtual classroom is the ideal option for you. Using an online learning platform, ILSC is able to offer traditional trainer-led classroom instruction via the Web. ILSC virtual classes allow employees to learn from the comfort of their office desktop and provide uniform class instruction for multiple employees that are geographically dispersed.

Other/Sending Trainers Abroad

In 2013, ILSC Education Group is expanding its boundaries by providing quality educational and corporate learning opportunities internationally. We excel in the ability to create and customize curriculum to meet our clients’ needs, wherever they maybe.   When the logistics of bringing your group to one of our locations does not present as a viable option, then the ILSC Education Group will work to send our trainer and curriculum to you. Whether it is Aviation English in Colombia, or Mining English in Peru we are here to provide you with creative, customized, and onsite solutions.