Company History - Corporate Training ILSC Education Group

Company History

Paul Zysman, Chairman, founded ILSC as a student-centered school. Here, the learning process is meaningful and enjoyable to the client and they, as much as possible, co-create the curriculum.

In 2011, ILSC celebrated 20 years of success with a brand refresh to reflect the company’s growing global reach. From humble beginnings at its first campus in Vancouver, B.C. over 20 years ago, ILSC has developed into a respected global educator with 7 offices and schools in 4 countries. At the 20 year mark, we embarked on a brand refresh project to reflect our company values and origins and our global expansion.

International Language Schools of Canada is now the ILSC Education Group, an umbrella group which includes ILSC Language Schools, ILSC Colleges, ILSC Teacher Training, ILSC Corporate Training and ILSC Continuing Studies.

Today, 22 years later, ILSC helps students and professionals become fluent in English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, Italian and many other languages, for their career, university studies, businesses, personal life and artistic expressions! ILSC schools provide a wide variety of specialized programs, modern and spacious facilities, expert instructors and multiple lodging options.