Our Method

Our Method

ILSC delivers results

Our methodology is based on the student-centered, communicative approach, utilizing contemporary mediums and an emphasis on Active Learning. Trainers deliver lessons that prepare students for activities that engage and involve the learners, encourage interaction, and challenge the learners to develop the target language. In a group context, when the class is working in pairs or small groups with stimulating topics and projects related to their interests and needs, the trainer provides direction, feedback, and encouragement to learners regarding their progress and their errors.

Tailored Course Content

Our student-centered focus and communicative methodology allow our trainers to tailor our English, French, Spanish, Mandarin (or other) language courses to the client’s requirements; therefore, the curriculum can be altered to suit your needs after an initial language assessment, or after the first few classes.

Courses are designed and customized to support the needs and interests of our clients and the requirements of their companies. We can use existing ILSC courses and alter them according to what suits our clients most. Sample courses include:
  • Business Culture
  • Business English, French, Mandarin, Spanish or other
  • Business Interview Skills
  • Business Management & Human Resources
  • Business Presentation Skills
  • International Business Practices
  • Listening for Professionals
  • Pronunciation - Accent Reduction
  • Reading & Writing
  • Vocabulary & Grammar

Measuring your progress

Prior to classes commencing, all learners will take a language assessment. Language learning objectives will be established by our trainers in cooperation with learners and their supervisors. Learners are continually evaluated on their progress to make sure objectives are being met. At the end of the course, each learner (and their supervisor) will receive a comprehensive progress report. Progress is evaluated by the trainer in various ways, which may consist of: homework, group projects, presentations, written assignments, exams, etc.