Service Options

Service Options

Our highly qualified Trainers can customize their curriculum to fit the demands of your industry and your profession while focusing on individual language improvement. All levels are offered and scheduling is flexible to suit the learners' professional agenda. We offer several corporate language training options including:

Private (One-on-One)

Individual private training has several advantages including:
  1. Personal Attention - In the traditional classroom setting, trainers must address the needs of other members of the class. In a private class, there is no competition for a trainer's attention and the classes can progress as quickly or as slowly as you desire.
  2. Customized lessons - private lessons can help students progress more quickly when the trainer has the ability to adapt each lesson to the individual student's strengths and weaknesses. Concepts and topics can be learned more rapidly when students are free from classroom distractions.
  3. More confidence - Learners are supplied with more confidence to ask questions--there is no fear of judgment from fellow classmates.

Semi Private (between 2 to 4 students)

Semi Private Lessons, for two to four students with one instructor, offers similar advantages as the private option at a more affordable price point.


Group (More than 4 students)

ILSC Corporate Trainers favor small groups (up to 10 people) to allow students to get the most out of their linguistic training.

Customized Workshops

Workshops offer focused practice on a specific skill such as Grammar, email writing, language of business meetings, effective telephone communication, etc. These workshops are offered in a one-time intensive course that runs for 4 to 6 hours, depending on the topic and the needs of the company. Workshops can take place in our classrooms or at your facilities, on weekdays or on a Saturday.