Our Values

Our Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide companies and their employees a solution to the language barriers present in today’s business world. At ILSC, we believe language comprehension is a key to professional success. The ability to communicate comfortably with colleagues, clients and business partners empowers professionals to contribute effectively to the company’s goals and advance confidently in their careers.

  • The First Principle is that learning works very well when it is student-centered. We assume that you will be motivated to learn about things that personally interest you and your organization. Your interests and goals are as important as anyone else’s, and that includes the trainer. The combination of an organized curriculum and the flexibility to accommodate each learner’s special interests gives knowledge the freedom to flourish.

  • The Second Principle is that learning works better when it is made a part of the experiences of daily life. Language courses at ILSC immerse you in real world professional experiences with role playing and dynamic group activities. You learn to speak and/or write English, French, Spanish, Mandarin (or other) in real world situations with trainers who are responsive to your personal needs and interests.

  • The Third Principle is that people learn best when they are confident, at ease and happy. There is a great learning atmosphere at ILSC. We are a very friendly school and we encourage a positive sense of community where you are at ease to converse with others in English, French, Spanish, Mandarin (or other) and develop friendships. In such a setting, you will find that language learning happens in a very natural and effective way.

  • To ensure that the above three principals will best assist your learning process, your trainer functions as a:
    • Language mentor: Your trainer is always assisting you to improve your language skills in a positive, supportive manner.
    • Resource: You can count on ILSC trainers and program managers to give of their time and energy to help you with all aspects of learning.
    • Facilitator: ILSC staff is enthusiastic and always coming up with innovative ways to improve group and individual learning processes.
    • Coach and friend.