ILSC-Vancouver is centrally located in the heart of multi-cultural Vancouver, a city surrounded by spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and the Pacific Ocean. We have four contemporary downtown campuses within the busy business and shopping districts easily accessible by skytrain, seabus, and numerous busses. Our trainers are here for you --on your lunch break, after work, or whenever is most convenient for you. Special requests for training on-site at your workplace may be accommodated depending on your location.
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Contact: Mrs Maureen Robinson

555 Richards Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6B 2Z5
P: 604.689.9095
F: 604.683.0771

Vancouver: Evening Foreign Language Classes

Have you always wanted to speak another language? Are you planning a vacation to a foreign country? No matter the reason, we encourage you to come join our fun and communicative classes guaranteed to give you a positive and culturally enriching end to your work day. We offer fun, engaging group classes in French, Spanish and Mandarin!

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Vancouver Campus

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